Disperse Systems for Electronic Applications

In October 2005, the graduate program "Disperse Systems for Electronic Applicatons" was accredited. Since then, nine intellectually gifted junior scientists of the basic sciences of chemical and biological engineering, material sciences, electrical engineering, chemistry as well as physics work together. The program closely coporates with the Science to Business Center Nanotronics of Degussa, which enables the doctoral candidates to forthrightly implement their research results into printable electronics. http://www.lfg.uni-erlangen.de

Antiviral active agents and its mode of action

Besides the exchange program of the CBI with the Dongseo Universität in South Korea, Prof. Dr. Rainer Buchholz now established a common research project: a Korean-German graduate program, in which also the Korean National University, the University of INcheon as well as the Technical University Kaiserslautern are involved. It covers the subject of "Antiviral active agents and its mode of action". The concept of the graduate program is going to be handed in for promotion as an International Graduate School at the DFG (German Research Association) in the course of this year. "The coporation with Korea's university is indeed inriching: The Korean partners amend our competences", states Prof. Dr. Rainer Buchholz.